"Corinne was able to put words to a situation I thought was unexplainable for me and my kids.  Once I heard someone else understood it, it became solvable and so much less overwhelming. She set me on a path to make changes that were genuine to me and my family. Thank you! Thank you!"  Rockland County Parent

"I used to be afraid to reach out for help.  I thought it would be embarrassing and not useful. I was so very wrong.  My daughter had been having issues at school and I was unsure of where to go. Corinne was recommended to me and at a weak moment I called. In a short time she has helped to improve my daughter's self-esteem, confidence and social skills and on top of that it helped my daughter and I to get close again in a way I did not think was possible in her teen years. I no longer fear others ability to help me or my family." Bergen County Parent

"Corinne helped my family and I reconnect.  I never thought my children and I could get through a weekend trip without fighting once and actually enjoying each other. It has also helped my husband and I communicate better and make decisions together." Bergen County Parent

“This day and age, it’s hard to find a professional you can trust. Corinne Pecile, LCSW was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – She has helped my son to smile again and enjoy being a kid." Bergen County Parent

"When I first heard of parent coaching I thought it would be someone telling me everything I was doing wrong. It was not that at all.  Parent coaching helped me realize all the things I was doing right that needed to be tweaked in order for my family to function in a way that was more happy and productive. I wished I had done it sooner."   Bergen County Parent

"Corinne helped my daughter to improve her self-esteem, her confidence and work through some very hard experiences she had. She was professional and made sure that her services were useful to my daughter. - Highly recommend." Bergen County Parent  

"Our family talks now - not yells but talks. My sons were disrespectful to say the least. I was at the end of my rope. After some hard work and an outsiders input we are healing." Hudson County Parent

"Deciding to have a family was a huge life change for my husband and I. Never did we think to plan for all of the what-ifs that actually became our reality. Our daughter suffers from depression and our son from ADD. Parenting children can be a battle without these added stressors.  Parent coaching allowed us to develop a plan that helped us create the household we needed and wanted. There was structure, communication and respect. We ended up having more laughs and smiles with these systems in place. The initial change was hard but it slowly became habit. We came to coaching to improve on and gain new skills to help us cope with feeling overwhelmed by what our kids were facing but got so much more.  Our children are thriving! We feel confident in helping them and we have a shared plan so we no longer try to solve things in the moment.  I take better care of myself and we care for our relationship by spending time together. Its nice to feel back in the drivers seat of my life". Bergen County Parent

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